Web Hosting Providers Can Enhance SEO

Enhance Seo

Modern day webmastering takes a lot of patience and duty to be done. SEO is one old school but yet most effective technique of making a website available to its respective class of visitors. Despite the website’s target customers and perspective of making money; SEO is a must in the to-do list. The ultimate goal of most websites is to reach people through search engines; if SEO doesn’t exist then the goal becomes obsolete.

Enhance Seo

Web hosting providers’ goal is to provide the hosting space for a website, but they can be really helpful guiding a webmaster through their SEO requirements as well.

SEO in the Drift

To get how search engine optimization works, it’s pretty much important to study the search engine technology thoroughly and keep updated with the updates Google release in a regular interval. Basically, the search engines look for keywords and phrases when they make a search in its most basic form, later on complex stuff like the page rank and website quality comes. Web hosting providers can help pull up the page rank to a higher position by providing higher bandwidth, faster page loading, better management of content-heavy websites and more secured environment for every visitor to all the websites.

Why is it very important to stay in the first page, or at least in the first 3 pages of the search results? Because an average user of Google won’t go beyond the first page to look for a website; 3 pages at most in highly desperate cases. Results after page 3 are mostly useless and they just show up for the sake of showing up. If the hosting provider doesn’t do their job properly in the first place, then every other objective of SEO goes out of order.

Page Loading Speed

According to the latest updates in Google’s Page Speed Algorithm, it is highly important how fast a webpage loads. Bandwidth is an important factor and there are other aspects like faster CPU, dedicated IP and faster data storage drives that contribute to fast loading of a website. For better optimization, Google Page Speed tool may be used. When Google ranks a webpage in their search result pages, they check such factors very thoroughly. A poorly hosted website will never make it to the first page even if there are very high quality contents.

Advanced Web Optimization Tools

Not just the loading speed but the other optimization factors also count. Content-heavy websites are more prone to crashing. On the other hand, websites on shared hosting often share one IP address which leads to diluted page ranking, or a crashed website. All of these make a website look very bad to Google’s judgmental criterions.

For efficient management of all these factors, there are third party monitoring tools that could be installed on in web hosting server. Web hosting servers can enhance SEO by allowing installation for such tools.

To-Do: Pick out the Best Hosting Provider

If SEO and website rank matter, despite the cost choose an outstanding web hosting provider. Speaking of pricing, initial months could be discounted using hosting coupons and they are easily available all across the cyberspace. If SEO doesn’t matter to you, just host a website on any hosting server and take a chill pill.


SEO has become old, yet it never runs out of order. The technique only adapts to all the latest crucial updates Google throws at the webmasters,it’sthe webmasters who must abide by the rules in order to survive.

Hostgator Affords the Best at The Best Price: Check it out!

HostGator is like a household name for the bloggers. The statistics of about 9 million domain service capacity says it all about the efficiency of HostGator. The best part is that it is equally advantageous for the fresh bloggers. It comes with varieties of hosting plans those have been specifically designed for beginners and experts in blogging, or internet marketing arena.

HostGator Hosting services

One can enjoy ultimate features of HostGator at an unbelievable price through the Coupon Codes. Check out the latest HostGator coupons code offers from and bluehost coupon codes offers from easywaytohosting.

How Beneficial is HostGator Coupon Code:


The latest coupon codes like SuperSale have created a lot of buzz through which you can save 25% on order, $9.94 off for hosting, and 25% off for any reseller respectively.

The best part of the process is that with 25% offers you are having the flexibility of monthly and yearly payment systems. Upon going with yearly, the price can be even lesser for you.

You simply have to pick the package from the site, and enter the code to have the facility of the codes.


Now, let’s have a look at the factors those make so much hype for it.

Best Support Service

HostGator is distinguishing for its incredible customer service. Through the toll free calls, chats, all your doubts can be solved in the best ways. For the Pro service users there is a special toll free number for better assist.

Trustable Servers

The almost 100% uptime record is another factor why people rush towards . It always promises a better support for the data houses which is rare to find among others.

Remarkable Performance

The performance of HostGator has already gathered a lot of appreciations from the professionals. Taking the load time into account, HostGator is simply at the peak.


In addition, the hosting house is quite famous for the excellent add-on services. Especially, these add-ons become much more efficient with the popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc. It comes with ample of installing tips, site building scripts at dashboard for better support of beginners. Along with this, the Adwords credit of HostGator is much more promising for marketing of the blogs or websites.

Kinds of hosting through HostGator:

It offers the best option in terms of hosting. We present you with the bets 4 hosting options through HostGator.

1) Through the Hostgator Shared hosting, the users have the options to pick one. In this type of hosting you have to share your server with others.

2) The Reseller hosting is good for those who work on client basis as it provides with the multiple IPs, so that you can have a look on your work in different systems.

3) The Dedicated hosting is for the expert bloggers or similar people those expect bulky traffic for their site. The whole server works only for you through the plan.

Finally, if you wish for remote server control, or additional customization, then the VPS hosting of HostGator should be your choice.

In addition:

The support ticket system is one of the most unique approaches for customer service. In addition, the live chat system and other modes of service are always available for you. It provides a equal support facility for those who deal with loaded traffic and also for those have comparatively lesser. You can go with shared or dedicated hosting according to your need. The almost 100% uptime is another attention dragging factor about the hosting house.

Hence, we have provided enough to live-up with the title; isn’t it?

What Effect Does Shared Web Hosting Has On Search Engine Ranking?

Web Hosting

Does Shared Web Hosting Affect Search Engine Rankings?

So you have spent a considerable amount on doing the SEO for your web content and you have approached a shared web hosting service provider to host your website. Or you want to switch from a VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting to a shared web host to cut down operating costs. Now you are having second thoughts as to whether this is a good idea. A shared web host will have websites of different hues and shades hosted on it at any given time. What if one of them is a spammy website and eventually Google catches hold of it and blacklists the website? Is that going to affect the other genuine websites hosted on the same server as well? Is it a good idea to host your website on a shared web host? What kind of impact will that have on the search engine rankings of your website? If these are the kind of questions that prevails on your mind, this article here is going to be your Bible!

Web Hosting

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

First things first, a shared web host is where numerous websites are hosted on the same server and share the same IP. Most of the times, you wouldn’t even know the other websites that share your IP. And this can be a problem in cases where your neighbour website owner is hosting porn or hacking websites. However, you can do a reverse IP           check and see the list of websites featuring your IP. If the number of spam websites is considerably less, then you probably don’t have anything to worry as far as shared hosting is concerned. Also, if the other websites hosted on your plan deploys too many bots which in turn consumes a lot of resources, there is a very good chance that Google bots completely skips your server. This means no search engine ranking inspite of you having a highly SEO optimized content.

On the other hand, if your web host is home to a considerable number of porn or spam or hacking websites, then there is a very good chance that your IP may get blocked sooner or later. There isn’t really anything you can do to determine what kind of websites will share the space with you. If you plan on switching hosting services because of this, then it is going to be a hop every few weeks!

The Alternative?

So, is there an alternative to this? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Even when you are on a shared web host plan, you can apply for a dedicated IP by paying a nominal subscription fee. This means you will get the cost benefits of a shared web hosting plan and also a separate IP which will protect you from the hokum of your neighbour sites. Most shared web hosting service providers offer their customer a dedicated IP option at affordable prices. The peace of mind one will get in knowing they have a distinct IP address can do wonders.

Things to Go through before Choosing Linux Web Hosting

In the word of business over the web, or eCommerce you can say, Linux has certainly made a stronger position in comparison. In addition, this is getting a popular hosting option among the developers. Despite the fact that common people are much more familiar with Windows, Linux has been one of the favored options among professionals. However, there are certain cases those obviously imply you must go with Linux hosting. We have listed a few below.

linux web hosting

If price matters for you:

If you are a developer, or if you are beginning your journey in the professional world, and money matters for you then Linux is a good recommendation. Each of its versions like Free BSD, or Red Hat is available without any cost for developers regarding web designing. Apart from the free platform, Linux offers the most affordable hosting service with a high margin for the developers. The other customers can be pretty much beneficial with it as well. Hosting through Linux lets the user with its additional tools those are mostly free as well.

Other needed options like File server, internet server, DNS, and others are available for free to use.


If you need a flexible platform option:

It is a fantastic option for the developers in terms of its flexibility. Especially, this characteristic helps the beginners the most. A Linux based website can be easily made available by another server host that is based on a different operating platform. You can take the example of Windows for the purpose.

On the other hand, any website based on any different operating system platform can never be easily made available over a Linux server. And, dealing with this sort of issues especially for a beginner is nothing but hectic.


Efficiency is need for all:

Any web based task is always highly focussed regarding performance. On this matter also Linux is highly satisfying. This is a much stable option than others. Issues like power supply, or administrative things are never big with Linux. But, factors like better uptime, consistency, make it a much better option than the competitors.
If you are specific enough with your needs:
Linux is a fine option for those who look for a sleek interface. Especially, Linux is put under comparison with Windows on this context. However, tasks like uploading, or customization are pretty much the same both in Windows and Linux. Moving with the application is quite easy as well like other platforms.
Another fact about Windows is that here with the server it provides you with a quite all in one package. Problem is that there are many things you don’t want at the point. Sometime things like these put effect over system performance. On the other hand, you can be absolutely exact with Linux. It may or may not be an important factor for some, but it can be certainly an issue for the business house, or professional bloggers, as they can afford anything but never the speed.
In Conclusion:
On a whole, all that we want to say that it is important to know whether you are dealing with an operating system specified tool or not. If you have understood it properly, then there is less chance of getting into the confusion of whether to go with Linux or Windows hosting. It means if the tool is platform specified, then you have to consider your decision well. However, if it is not the case, then Linux is one of the finest options for web hosting purpose.

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