HostGator Vs. WP Engine Hosting Comparison Review

For every webmaster no matter new or skilled – a web hosting space is the first requirement to host a website. There are plenty of inexpensive web hosting solutions on the web, most of them are shared servers. For moderate amount of traffic and medium-functionality website, shared website hosting is just about fine. HostGator is a very popular company for providing shared web hosting service, they offer other options as well. WP Engine is comparatively less heard of, yet the service they provide start from a lower price point and on overall assessment, the services didn’t seem to vary much from HostGator.


Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

HostGator offers three basic plans. The lowest monthly cost for HostGator plans is $5.21/month with the 25% discount offered through hosting coupons. This price tag applies to the initial plan from HostGator named Hatchling. For the latter two plans named Baby and Business, the pricing is $7.46/month and $11.21/month respectively. All these plans offers unlimited bandwidth. One domain registration is free for the hatchling plan, while it’s unlimited for the other two. All plans offer shared SSL certificate. One-click installation of plugins are available through the cPanel.

On the other hand, WP Engine offers four shared web hosting plans. WP Engine Web Hosting plan starts from $29/month, which is higher than the Hatchling plan from HostGator. The initial plan is named Beginner; the rest three are Basic, Standard and Advanced. You can get 3 months free if you use wp engine coupon code 2016 while buying it. The pricing for these three plans are $29/month, $99/month and $249/month respectively. Unlike HostGator, WP Engine has opted for mentioning the exact data and bandwidth limit they offer for each user per month. For the Beginner plan the HDD space is only 5 GB, bandwidth 50 GB. This goes up to 150 GB HDD space and 1500 GB bandwidth per month in the Advanced plan.


Both web hosting companies offer an easy to use interface and the market winning control panel for web hosting servers – cPanel. HostGator offers one-click app and plugin installations through cPanel, and WP Engine names their app store Softaculous from where the users can get an app and install straight from cPanel.


Theoretically, both companies offer a near perfect uptime of around 99.9%. In reality, the uptime didn’t reach 99.9% but wasn’t lagging much behind the figure either. Only few occasional stuttering while loading pages were noticed, pages load little slow when the traffic gets high but on average the performance is pretty good.

Money Back Guarantee

If the service doesn’t look as appealing as they did on their website promotions, a user may proceed with service cancellation. However, WP Engine doesn’t offer any money refund option. For HostGator, within 45 day timeline full money refund would be applicable. The refund is 100% of the initial payment – hence the service is almost full free for tryouts for the first 45 days.

Customer Support

Both companies provide a great experience on customer support. The agents were helpful in both companies, customer service could be asked through email, tickets, hotline or live chat.


For better pricing, WP Engine might be perfect. HostGator earns more reputation and they have higher online promotions as well, also they offer a great deal on money refund. Making a decision should be easy.

What are the Boundaries for a Web Hosting Support?

Web Hosting Support

Web hosting services are the base element of a website, all the files of a website resides on the web hosting server. Apart from storing the website files, a web host also provides following features like – custom website design, email clients, FTP server, multiple domain names, extra bandwidth support, unlimited disk storage support etc. All these different forms of services are combined in order to provide a flawless web hosting service. That’s a complicated setup, can go wrong any time. When things are going out of order the customers are supposed seek help of the web hosting support. But the web hosting support people are also bound to provide support within a boundary. Not everything regarding your website is a problem that they are supposed to solve.

Web Hosting Support

So what are the boundaries for a web hosting support?

The Initial Communication – Support Ticket

A support ticket is the confirmation slip for the acknowledgement of some problem. When you launch a support ticket; that means you are seeking the support team’s help regarding some matter. The support ticket will contain the time of lodging the complaint, nature or your problem and estimated time the customer support might need to get back to you. Modern day customer support tickets are automated, the automated script redirects the ticket directly to the concerned support department.

The support ticket can clearly indicate what boundary the support team is supposed to maintain. If there’s a drop down list of problem category and your problem doesn’t fit into any of those, then maybe you are not at liberty to ask for help in the support window. Or, maybe you have failed to assume the actual problem.

List of Common Services & User Agreement

Few common services are provided by all the web hosting companies. For example – maintenance of accounts, financial activities, hardware related troubles, domain and bandwidth management etc. are directly under the service category. If anything goes wrong in the provider’s end – they are bound to provide you support and alternate backup plans for prolonged troubleshooting times.

However, things that goes wrong in your end like wrong coding and scripting, third party plugin error, security breach due to your nuisance or content corruption, data loss due to the user’s fault etc. – in such cases the provider may provide you suggestions, but the support team is not bound to resolve the problems for you.

For the detailed policy regarding customer support, read the user agreement before signing up with a company.

Hardware Malfunction May not be Covered

Many web hosting providers don’t provide any data coverage or insurance if the data stored on their hosting server is lost due to hardware malfunction in their end. That is an understandable business policy. But if you require added protection in your data storage, then look for a company that covers all liabilities under their customer support policy.

Get Discount on Signing up for Hosting Providers

Most web hosting companies spread hosting coupons on their affiliate websites in order to attract more customers. If you are unsure about the customer support boundaries of a specific company, you may consider having a test run with the company using such coupons.


For transparency between the user and the company, the best policy is to read the user agreement thoroughly. Existing user feedbacks can also provide the necessary visualization about a hosting company’s support boundaries.