my image pGreetings, dear friends! I am Steven from Sacremento, CA. I am a 25 year old keying machine operator by profession, working for a company called Robert Hall. I love my job, but my true interest lies in tech world of gaming. I also love listening to music and learning to play different musical instruments. Pursuing my hobby and earning some extra bucks is what has taken me into the new genre, which is blogging.

My Beginning as a Blogger

Though I am fully satisfied with the work I am doing right now, something within me called me to enter a new realm, which is blogging. It has opened new doors for me, where I can follow my passion as well as learn more by getting feedback from experts as well as getting in touch with fresh learners. This is what has given birth to my blog. After some fumbles in the beginning, today I have established myself as an expert with an ardent list of followers on the net, who read this blog regularly and also give their comments. Their feedback opens the gateway of new improvements for me.

Getting in Touch

My blog has become a much visited place today and I am in need of fresh talent to keep up the good work. This is the reason why I am inviting people like myself, who are looking for creative satisfaction in addition to their regular job. All those interested can get in touch with me and join the team. Get good money and the job of your dreams.