What Effect Does Shared Web Hosting Has On Search Engine Ranking?

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Does Shared Web Hosting Affect Search Engine Rankings?

So you have spent a considerable amount on doing the SEO for your web content and you have approached a shared web hosting service provider to host your website. Or you want to switch from a VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting to a shared web host to cut down operating costs. Now you are having second thoughts as to whether this is a good idea. A shared web host will have websites of different hues and shades hosted on it at any given time. What if one of them is a spammy website and eventually Google catches hold of it and blacklists the website? Is that going to affect the other genuine websites hosted on the same server as well? Is it a good idea to host your website on a shared web host? What kind of impact will that have on the search engine rankings of your website? If these are the kind of questions that prevails on your mind, this article here is going to be your Bible!

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What Is Shared Web Hosting?

First things first, a shared web host is where numerous websites are hosted on the same server and share the same IP. Most of the times, you wouldn’t even know the other websites that share your IP. And this can be a problem in cases where your neighbour website owner is hosting porn or hacking websites. However, you can do a reverse IP           check and see the list of websites featuring your IP. If the number of spam websites is considerably less, then you probably don’t have anything to worry as far as shared hosting is concerned. Also, if the other websites hosted on your plan deploys too many bots which in turn consumes a lot of resources, there is a very good chance that Google bots completely skips your server. This means no search engine ranking inspite of you having a highly SEO optimized content.

On the other hand, if your web host is home to a considerable number of porn or spam or hacking websites, then there is a very good chance that your IP may get blocked sooner or later. There isn’t really anything you can do to determine what kind of websites will share the space with you. If you plan on switching hosting services because of this, then it is going to be a hop every few weeks!

The Alternative?

So, is there an alternative to this? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Even when you are on a shared web host plan, you can apply for a dedicated IP by paying a nominal subscription fee. This means you will get the cost benefits of a shared web hosting plan and also a separate IP which will protect you from the hokum of your neighbour sites. Most shared web hosting service providers offer their customer a dedicated IP option at affordable prices. The peace of mind one will get in knowing they have a distinct IP address can do wonders.